CAT 2002 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

If $$f(x) = \log \frac{(1+x)}{(1-x)}$$, then f(x) + f(y) is

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Question 12

Four horses are tethered at four corners of a square plot of side 14 m so that the adjacent horses can just reach one another. There is a small circular pond of area 20 $$m^2$$ at the centre. Find the ungrazed area.

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Question 13

On a straight road XY, 100 m long, five heavy stones are placed 2 m apart beginning at the end X. A worker, starting at X, has to transport all the stones to Y, by carrying only one stone at a time. The minimum distance he has to travel is

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Question 14

In the figure given below, ABCD is a rectangle. The area of the isosceles right triangle ABE = 7 $$cm^2$$ ; EC = 3(BE). The area of ABCD (in $$cm^2$$) is

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Question 15

The area of the triangle whose vertices are (a,a), (a + 1, a + 1) and (a + 2, a) is

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Question 16

Instead of walking along two adjacent sides of a rectangular field, a boy took a short cut along the diagonal and saved a distance equal to half the longer side. Then the ratio of the shorter side to the longer side is

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Question 17

Only a single rail track exists between stations A and B on a railway line. One hour after the northbound super fast train N leaves station A for station B, a south-bound passenger train S reaches station A from station B. The speed of the super fast train is twice that of a normal express train E, while the speed of a passenger train S is half that of E. On a particular day, N leaves for B from A, 20 min behind the normal schedule. In order to maintain the schedule, both N and S increased their speeds. If the super fast train doubles its speed, what should be the ratio (approximately) of the speeds of passenger train to that of the super fast train so that the passenger train S reaches exactly at the scheduled time at A on that day?

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Question 18

On a 20 km tunnel, connecting two cities A and B, there are three gutters (1, 2 and 3). The distance between gutters 1 and 2 is half the distance between gutters 2 and 3. The distance from city A to its nearest gutter, gutter 1, is equal to the distance of city B from gutter 3. On a particular day, the hospital in city A receives information that an accident has happened at gutter 3. The victim can be saved only if an operation is started within 40 min. An ambulance started from city A at 30 km/hr and crossed gutter 1 after 5 min. If the driver had doubled the speed after that, what is the maximum amount of time would the doctor get to attend to the patient at the hospital. 

Assume that a total of 1 min is elapsed for taking the patient into and out of the ambulance?

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Question 19

Number S is obtained by squaring the sum of digits of a two-digit number D. If difference between S and D is 27, then the two-digit number D is

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Question 20

The nth element of a series is represented as

$$X_n = (-1)^nX_{n-1}$$
If $$X_0 = x$$ and $$x > 0$$, then which of the following is always true?

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