Read the following scenario and answer the three questions that follow.

Amish is the marketing head of an e-commerce firm named FillInCart (FICT). Recently, FICT signed a contract with a top celebrity to endorse their firm. A few months later, the celebrity was signed as the ambassador to promote tourism in a small country, Wadiya, ruled by a dictator. The dictator, in his zeal to bring peace to the region, brutally supressed an armed uprising in Wadiya. He is currently facing sanctions, imposed by a few countries. When the news of the celebrity’s association with Wadiya becomes public, calls for boycott of FICT start trending on social media.

Question 99

FICT’s closest competitor, ShopAtUs (SAU), wants to grab this opportunity. They have come up with a slogan, “Never at the cost of human rights!” which has started trending in the social media. Amish is unsure if he should respond to the social media campaign of the competitor.

Which of the following options, if true, will BEST assure Amish that SAU’s slogan is not affecting FICT’s business negatively?


We have to choose an option which will assure Amish that SAU's campaign is not affecting FICT's business. It is possible if an option shows that FICT's customers are not leaving them for SAU.

Options B and C will have the opposite effect than desired and can be dismissed.

Option D is irrelevant to the topic of discussion.

Option E states that FICT's sales has increased but does not talk anything about SAU's sales or their customers, which is what we are trying to find.

Option A states that SAU's sales have increased but that they are driven by repeat customers and not new customers. This means that SAU was not able to acquire new customers from FICT. Thus, this will assure Amish.

Hence, the answer is option A.

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