Answer the questions based on the following information. The amount of money invested (rupees in crores) in the core infrastructure areas of two districts, Chittoor and Khammam, Andhra Pradesh, is as follows.

Question 62

The investment in electricity and thermal energy in 1995 in these two districts formed what per cent of the total investment made in that year?


Total investment in year $$1995 = 7081.6 + 2923.1 = 10004.7$$
Total electricity and thermal invesment in year 1995 for both villages = $$815.2 + 632.4 + 2065.8 + 1232.7 = 4726.1$$
Percentage investment = $$\frac{4726.1}{10004.7} \times 100$$ 
Through approximation method, we can say that above value will be less than 50 and more than 47
Hence among all options, B will be most appropriate answer.

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