Directions for the following five questions: Answer the questions based on the two graphs shown below.

Figure I (the chart on the left) shows the amount of work distribution, in man-hours, for a software company between offshore and onsite activities.

Figure 2 (the chart on the right) shows the estimated and actual work effort involved in the different offshore activities in the same company during the same period.

[Note: Onsite refers to work performed at the customer’s premise and offshore refers to work performed at the developer’s premise.]

Question 62

If the total working hours were 100, which of the following tasks will account for approximately 50 hr?


Total working hours = 1150
So, we have to find the task where the number of working hours is approximately 575
Coding = 425 + 100 = 525
Design = 100 + 75 = 175
Offshore testing = 300
Offshore testing + design = 300 + 100 = 400
So, option a) is the correct answer

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