Question 57

I happened to be the judge in the all India Essay Competition on Nylon Dying, organized some time back by a dyestuff firm. Mill technicians were eligible to enter the competition. My work was simplified in assessing the essays, which had to be done under five heads-Language, Coherence, Subject Matter, Machinery and Recent Developments. Integral marks were to be given out of a maximum of 20 under each head. There were only five entries. The winner got 90 marks. Only a single person can be made the winner. Akhila got 13 in Coherence and Divya 10 in Machinery. Bhanu.s total was less than Akhila.s. Charulata has sent an entry. Ela had got as many marks as Divya. None got 20 under any head. Who was the winner?


Given informations are as follows:

Akhila got 13 marks in coherence and divya got 10 marks in Machinary

Divya's marks = Ela's Marks (Hence they both are not winners as winner is only one)

Bhanu's marks < Akhila's marks ( Hence bhanu is also not a winner)

So winner will be either Akhila or Charulata

As Akhila got 13 marks in coherence so she must have 20 marks in some head as highest marks are 90

That's why winner will be Charulata.

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