Question 56

Albert, David, Jerome and Tommy were plucking mangoes in a grove to earn some pocket money during the summer holidays. Their earnings were directly related to the number of mangoes plucked and had the following relationship: Jerome got less money than Tommy. Jerome and Tommy together got the same amount at Albert and David taken together. Albert and Tommy together got less than David and Jerome taken together. Who earned the most pocket money? Who plucked the least number of mangoes?


According to given question Jerome + Tommy = Albert + David  eq.(1)    ;    Jerome < Tommy  eq. (3)
                                                   Albert + Tommy < David + jerome eq. (2)
Now adding above two equations we will get
2David  > 2Tommy
or David > Tommy
or Tommy > Jerome > Albert ( from eq.(3) )
Now David should earn most pocket money as to hold equation (2) to be true.
Hence David > Tommy > Jerome > Albert.

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