Question 51

Ankita buys 4 kg cashews, 14 kg peanuts and 6 kg almonds when the cost of 7 kg cashews is the same as that of 30 kg peanuts or 9 kg almonds. She mixes all the three nuts and marks a price for the mixture in order to make a profit of ₹1752. She sells 4 kg of the mixture at this marked price and the remaining at a 20% discount on the marked price, thus making a total profit of ₹744. Then the amount, in rupees, that she had spent in buying almonds is


It is given,

7C = 30P = 9A and Ankita bought 4C, 14P and 6A.

Let 7C = 30P = 9A = 630k

C = 90k, P = 21k, and A = 70k

Cost price of 4C, 14P and 6A = 4(90k)+14(21k)+6(70k) = 1074k

Marked up price = 1074k + 1752

S.P = $$\frac{1}{6}\left(1074k+1752\right)+\left(\frac{4}{5}\right)\left(\frac{5}{6}\right)\left(1074k+1752\right)$$ = $$\frac{5}{6}\left(1074k+1752\right)$$

S.P - C.P = profit



k = 4

Money spent on buying almonds = 420k = 420*4 = Rs 1680

The answer is option A.

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