K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, U and W are the only ten members in a department. There is a proposal to form a team from within the members of the department, subject to the following conditions:

  1.  A team must include exactly one among P,R and S.
  2.  A team must include either M or Q, but not both.
  3.  If a team includes K, then it must also include L, and vice versa.
  4.  If a team includes one among S, U and W, then it should also include the other two.
  5.  L and N cannot be members of the same team.
  6.  L and U cannot be members of the same team.

The size of a team is defined as the number of members in the team.

Question 49

Who can be a member of a team of size 5?


Out of P, R and S only 1 can be in the team. If S is there, U and W will also be there. So, P and R should not be in the team for its size to be maximum.

Out of M and Q, only 1 can be there.

If L is there in the team, N and U cannot be in the team.

If L is not there in the team, then K is also not there in the team but N and U can be in the team.

So, the maximum team size is 5 consisting of S, U, W, (M or Q), N.

So, M can be a member of team size 5.

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