Question 38

Gastric bypass surgery has been shown to be effective at helping extremely obese people lose weight. Some patients have lost as much as 300 pounds after undergoing the surgery, thereby substantially prolonging their lives. Despite the success of the treatment, most doctors have not embraced the surgery. Which of the following statements, if true, best accounts for the lukewarm reaction of the medical community to gastric bypass surgery'?


The reason why doctors have not embraced the surgery has to be linked to its potential side effects. Answer choice A tells us that the surgery can result in serious complications including death and this is a reason enough for the doctors to not recommend its use. Options B and C tell us the prevalence and effects of obesity which do not explain why doctors are wary of the discussed mode of treatment. Option D talks about how other methods like dieting are not very effective. Option E is irrelevant as it talks about cost and financing, something which the doctor may not be concerned with.

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