Healthy Bites is a fastfood joint serving three items, burgers, fries and ice cream. It has two employees Anish and Bani who prepare the items ordered by the clients. Preparation time is 10 minutes for a burger and 2 minutes for an order of Ice cream. An employee can prepare only one of these items at a time. The fries are prepared in an automatic fryer which can prepare upto to 3 portions of fries at a time, and takes 5 minutes irrespective of the number of portions. The fryer does not need an employee to constantly attend to it, and we can ignore the time taken by an employee to start and stop the fryer; thus, an employee can be engaged in preparing other items while the frying is on. However fries cannot be prepared in anticipation of future orders.

Healthy Bites wishes to serve the orders as early as possible. The individual items in any order are served as and when ready; however,the order is considered to be completely served only when all the items of that order are served.

The table below gives the orders of three clients and the times at which they placed their orders:

Question 36

Assume that only one client's order can be processed at any given point of time. So, Anish or Bani cannot start preparing a new order while a previous order is being prepared.
At what time is the order placed by Client 3 completely served?


It is given that 

1 burger takes 10 minutes

1 ice cream takes 2 minutes and 3 portions of fries take 5 min by the machine (operator is not required).

Anish or Bani cannot start preparing a new order while a previous order is being prepared.

The first order will be completely done at 10:10.

The second order is two fries and one ice cream, which will be done by 10:15.

The third order is one 1 burger and 1 portion of fries.

The burger will take 10 minutes, by which fries will be ready.

Thus, the third order will be completed by 10:25.

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