Answer questions on the basis of information given in the following case.

The Disciplinary Committee of Nation Political Party (NPP) is meeting today to decide on the future of two of their party members, Mr. Loyal and his son Mr. Prodigal. Mr. Prodigal is the prime accused in the brutal murder of Mr. Victim, an opposition party leader. Mr. Prodigal is in police custody and his appeal for bail has got rejected. Mr. Loyal claims that his son is innocent and Mr. Victim’s death was the result of internal rivalry in the opposition party. Though Mr. Loyal is not accused in this case, his weakness for his son is well known. The media is blaming him for influencing key witnesses to protect his son. Severe criticism of his father - son duo, both by the media and some social activists, is damaging the image of the party. However, Mr. Loyal has significant followers within the party and is considered an asset to the party. Any harsh
decision against Mr. Loyal would adversely affect the future of NPP and could even lead to a split in the party. This would benefit the opposition.

Question 29

Which of the following actions would adversely affect both NPP and Mr. Loyal, the most?


The passage says that Mr Loyal has significant followers within the party and any severe action against Mr Loyal will adversely affect the NPP.

Among the options, C would cause the most damage to the NPP as it could lead to a split in the party or may even lead to many followers of Mr Loyal leaving the party.

A and E will not cause much damage to the party.

Options B and D will create some animosity between Mr Loyal and NPP, but not as much as expelling Mr Loyal.

Hence, the answer is option C.

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