XAT 2020 Question 27


Read the situation below and answer the 3 associated questions:
Vindhya, Shabnam and Amala are interning at a software organization as part of the requirement of their B-school curriculum.
The organization has allotted each of them a project based on their area of specialization. In the first meeting with the HR head, they are informed of a PPO possibility (pre-placement offer, i.e., an offer to join the company after their MBA), based on their performance. All of them are eager to convert their internship into a job offer.
Each of them is assigned a mentor who evaluates the intern's performance along with the HR head.

Question 27

In the second week of her eight-week internship, Amala realizes that the project requires inputs from subjects she studied in her third trimester. However, during the third trimester, Amala was significantly distracted by an inter-college sports meet, affecting her grasp of the subjects.
Which of the following is the MOST appropriate way forward for Amala?


Option A will reduce Amala's chances of getting a PPO as it will seem like running away from a problem instead of finding a solution.

Option D will also avoid the problem, and her poor performance may also damage her networking.

Option E does not help Amala solve her problem at all.

Option C is a good choice but it has to be taken into account that Shabnam will also be very busy with her project and trying to get a PPO and will probably not be able to help Amala too much.

Option B is the best choice as it shows Amala's honesty and her preparedness to learn and seek help. 

Hence, the answer is option B.

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