Question 26

Go through the statements below and answer the question that follows:

P. Surabhi’s Instagram profile has 1.4 million followers. It is filled with pictures of her posing in different settings.
Q. In India, reports suggest that WhatsApp (Much more than Facebook or Twitter) is the primary tool for the dissemination of political communication.
R. Political campaigns pay social media companies to promote their content.
S. Political advertising on social media comes in many forms and remains underexamined in India.
T. Social media influencers are used for the dissemination of content.

Which of the following combinations is the MOST logically ordered?


S introduces the idea that political parties use social media for advertising. explains how political parties pay social media for the same.takes a look at how it is done in India and T explains the roles of influencers in implementing and an example of Q.So the correct order is SRQTP.

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