Question 26

The four sentences (labelled 1, 2, 3, 4) below, when properly sequenced would yield a coherent paragraph. Decide on the proper sequencing of the order of the sentences and key in the sequence of the four numbers as your answer:

1. Man has used poisons for assassination purposes ever since the dawn of civilization, against individual enemies but also occasionally against armies.
2. These dangers were soon recognized, and resulted in two international declarations—in 1874 in Brussels and in 1899 in The Hague—that prohibited the use of poisoned weapons.
3. The foundation of microbiology by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch offered new prospects for those interested in biological weapons because it allowed agents to be chosen and designed on a rational basis.
4. Though treaties were all made in good faith, they contained no means of control, and so fail

Correct Answer: 1324


Statement (1) serves as a general introduction to the topic: an inclination towards using poison {or associated agents}. The author mentions that the utility of this element has existed since the dawn of civilization. Statment (3) supplements this idea by mentioning that certain advancements served as a new avenue for the zealots of this subject. Statement (2) delineates on the safeguard that was put into place once the threat posed by this domain was realized. Statement (4) pinpoints the flaw in this safeguard. Hence, we notice that (1)-(3)-(2)-(4) forms a logical arrangement.

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