CAT 2021 Slot 3 - Quant Question 2

Question 2

One day, Rahul started a work at 9 AM and Gautam joined him two hours later. They then worked together and completed the work at 5 PM the same day. If both had started at 9 AM and worked together, the work would have been completed 30 minutes earlier. Working alone, the time Rahul would have taken, in hours, to complete the work is


Let Rahul work at a units/hr and Gautam at b units/hour
Now as per the condition :
8a+6b =7.5a+7.5b
so we get 0.5a=1.5b
or a=3b
Therefore total work = 8a +6b = 8a +2a =10a
Now Rahul alone takes 10a/10 = 10 hours.

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