Directions for the next 5 questions: Answer these questions based on the data provided in the table below: Factory Sector by Type of Ownership. All figures in the table are in percent of the total for the corresponding column.

Question 17

The total value added in all sectors is estimated at Rs. 14,000 crores. Suppose that the number of firms in the joint sector is 2700. The average value added per factory, in Rs. crores, in the central govt. is:


We know that number of factories in joint sector is 1.8% = 2700, so number of factories in Central Government = 1% of (2700 x 100/1.8) = 1500.

Value added by Central Government = 14.1% of 14,000= Rs. 1974 crores.

So we get = (1974 crores)/( 1500) = Rs. 1.32 crore

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