Consider the information provided in the figure below relating to India's foreign trade in 1997-98 and the first eight months of 1998-99.

Total trade with a region is defined as the sum of exports to and imports from that region.
Trade deficit is defined as the excess of imports over exports. Trade deficit may be negative.

A:USA. B:Germany C:Other EU. D:U.K.  E:Japan  F:Russia  

G:Other East Europe  H:OPEC   I:Asia  J:Other LDCs  K:Others 

Question 137

What is the region with which India had the highest total trade in 1997-98?


The four major trading partners with India in 1997-98 are A, G, H and I.
From the numbers, we can ignore the others for this questions.

Total trade with A in the year 1997-98 is 9%*40779 + 19%*33979 = 10,126
Total trade with G in the year 1997-98 is 19%*40779 + 10%*33979 = 11,146
Total trade with H in the year 1997-98 is 23%*40779 + 10%*33979 = 12,777
Total trade with I in the year 1997-98 is 14%*40779 + 20%*33979 = 12,505
Hence, the correct option is block H which is OPEC

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