XAT 2014 Question Paper


Answer the questions based on the trends lines from the following graphs.
Note: Left side of X axis represents countries that are “poor” and right side of X axis represents countries that are “rich”, for each region. GDP is based on purchasing power parity (PPP).
These are World Bank (WB) estimates.

Question 81

Which of the following could be the correct ascending order of democratic regions for poor?

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Question 82

Which region has the highest disparity, of democratic participation, between rich and poor?

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Question 83

The maximum GDP of African region is higher than the maximum GDP of South American region by factor of:

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 84

The G-7 is a group consisting of:

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Question 85

The correct match between countries and their official languages is:

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Question 86

The correct match between the following mountain ranges and their highest peaks is:

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Question 87

The acronym “YAHOO” stands for:

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Question 88

The list of persons not containing an RBI governor is:

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Question 89

The factor that least influences exchange rate fluctuations:

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Question 90

The sequence that contains a wrong match between car manufacturers and their country of origin

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