XAT 2014 Question 82


Answer the questions based on the trends lines from the following graphs.
Note: Left side of X axis represents countries that are “poor” and right side of X axis represents countries that are “rich”, for each region. GDP is based on purchasing power parity (PPP).
These are World Bank (WB) estimates.

Question 82

Which region has the highest disparity, of democratic participation, between rich and poor?


We have to find the region with the highest disparity in democratic participation between rich and poor. We can check this by calculating the difference between the highest and lowest values from the chart.

North America = 20 - 18 = 2

C&E Europe = 20 - 5 = 15

Africa = 11 - 10 = 1

South America = 20 - 14 = 6

Western Europe = 19.95 - 19.85 = 0.1

Thus, C&E Europe has the highest disparity between the rich and the poor.

Hence, option B is the answer.

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