CMAT 2018 Slot 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

What is the probability of getting a ‘nine’ or ‘ten’ on a single throw of two dice?

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Question 2

The length of a room exceeds its breadth by 2 meters. If the length be increased by 4 meters and the breadth decreased by 2 meters, the area remains the same. Find the surface area of its walls if the height is 3 meters.

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Question 3

A bus covers a distance of first 50 km in 40 minutes, next 50 km at a speed of 2 km per minute and the next 30 km at a speed of 1.0 km per minute. What is its average speed during the entire journey?

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Question 4

Three wheels making 60, 36 and 24 revolutions in a minute start with a certain point in their circumference ownwards. Find when they will again come together in the same position.

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Question 5

A certain amount of money invested at 10% per annum compound interest for two years became Rs. 2000.
What is the initial investment?

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Question 6

If the height of a right circular cone is increased by 200% and the radius of the base is reduced by 50%, then the volume of the cone.

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Question 7

An electric appliance is priced at Rs. 600 initially. Because of market recession, price was successively reduced three times, each time by 10% of the price after the earlier reduction. What is the current price?

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Question 8

Below given is the Table showing Age-wise Ownership of mobiles:

If 1 crore mobiles were sold last year, how many LG sets were sold?

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Question 9

$$\sqrt{188+ \sqrt{51+ \sqrt{169}}}$$ = ?

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Question 10

In what time will Rs. 6,250 amount to Rs. 6,632.55 at 4% compound interest payable half-yearly?

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