CAT 2007 Question Paper


Directions for the following four questions:

Each question is followed by two statements, A and B. Answer each question using the following instructions:

Question 31

Five students Atul, Bala, Chetan, Dev and Ernesto were the only ones who participated in a quiz contest. They were ranked based on their scores in the contest. Dev got a higher rank as compared to Ernesto, while Bala got a higher rank as compared to Chetan. Chetan’s rank was lower than the median. Who among the five got the highest rank?

A. Atul was the last rank holder.

B. Bala was not among the top two rank holders.

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Question 32

Thirty per cent of the employees of a call centre are males. Ten per cent of the female employees have an engineering background. What is the percentage of male employees with engineering background?

A. Twenty five per cent of the employees have engineering background.

B. Number of male employees having an engineering background is 20% more than the number of female employees having an engineering background

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Question 33

In a football match, at the half-time, Mahindra and Mahindra Club was trailing by three goals. Did it win the match?

A. In the second-half Mahindra and Mahindra Club scored four goals.

B. The opponent scored four goals in the match.

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Directions for the following four questions:

Answer the following questions based on the information given below.

The following table shows the break-up of actual costs incurred by a company in last five years (year 2002 to year 2006) to produce a particular product.

The production capacity of the company is 2000 units. The selling price for the year 2006 was Rs. 125 per unit. Some costs change almost in direct proportion to the change in volume of production, while others do not follow any obvious pattern of change with respect to the volume of production and hence are considered fixed. Using the information provided for the year 2006 as the basis for projecting the figures for the year 2007, answer the following questions:

Question 34

What is the approximate cost per unit in rupees, if the company produces and sells 1400 units in the year 2007?

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Question 35

What is the minimum number of units that the company needs to produce and sell to avoid any loss?

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Question 36

If the company reduces the price by 5%, it can produce and sell as many units as it desires. How many units the company should produce to maximize its profit?

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Question 37

Given that the company cannot sell more than 1700 units, and it will have to reduce the price by Rs.5 for all units if it wants to sell more than 1400 units. What is the maximum profit that can be realized provided that the company sells more than 1400 units?

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DIRECTIONS for the following four questions:

The proportion of male students and the proportion of vegetarian students in a school are given below. The school has a total of 800 students, 80% of whom are in the Secondary Section and rest equally divided between Class 11 and 12.

Question 38

What is the percentage of male students in the secondary section?

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Question 39

In Class 12, twenty five per cent of the vegetarians are male. What is the difference between the number of female vegetarians and male non-vegetarians?

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Question 40

What is the percentage of vegetarian students in Class 12?

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