Directions for the following four questions:

Each question is followed by two statements, A and B. Answer each question using the following instructions:

Question 31

Five students Atul, Bala, Chetan, Dev and Ernesto were the only ones who participated in a quiz contest. They were ranked based on their scores in the contest. Dev got a higher rank as compared to Ernesto, while Bala got a higher rank as compared to Chetan. Chetan’s rank was lower than the median. Who among the five got the highest rank?

A. Atul was the last rank holder.

B. Bala was not among the top two rank holders.


From the information given in the question, D has a better rank than E and B has a better rank than C. Also, C = 4 or 5.
From statement A, A = 5 => C = 4. But we do not know if D or B is number 1.
From statement B, B = 3 or 4. Again, we cannot determine the number 1 rank precisely.
By using both the statements together, we know C = 4, A = 5, B = 3 and D has a better rank than E.
So, D = 1 and E = 2. Therefore, the question can be answered by using both the statements together.
Hence, option D.

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