Question 94

Four friends Ashok, Bashir, Chirag and Deepak are out for shopping. Ashok has less money than three times the amount that Bashir has. Chirag has more money than Bashir. Deepak has an amount equal to the difference of amounts with Bashir and Chirag. Ashok has three times the money with Deepak. They each have to buy at least one shirt, or one shawl, or one sweater, or one jacket that are priced Rs. 200, Rs. 400, Rs. 600, and Rs. 1,000 a piece respectively. Chirag borrows Rs. 300 from Ashok and buys a jacket. Bashir buys a sweater after borrowing Rs. 100 from Ashok and is left with no money. Ashok buys three shirts. What is the costliest item that Deepak could buy with his own money?


According to given conditions Bashir started with 500Rs Chirag should have 700 + something , which when subtracted from 500 get money which Deepak has. Also Ashok should have < 1500 and his money should be 3 times that of deepak . Thus there;s only 1 possibility that Ashok has 1200rs and deepak has 400rs. So the costliest item that deepak can buy is shawl worth 400 rs.

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