Question 92

In a family gathering there are 2 males who are grandfathers and 4 males who are fathers. In the same gathering there are 2 females who are grandmothers and 4 females who are mothers. There is at least one grandson or a granddaughter present in this gathering. There are 2 husband-wife pairs in this group. These can either be a grandfather and a grandmother, or a father and a mother. The single grandfather (whose wife is not present) has 2 grandsons and a son present. The single grandmother (whose husband is not present) has 2 grand daughters and a daughter present. A grandfather or a grandmother present with their spouses does not have any grandson or granddaughter present. What is the minimum number of people present in this gathering?


The bare minimum requirement for the single grandfather and grandmother are as follows:

GF implies Grandfather, GM Grandmother, F Father, M Mother, GS Grandson and GD Granddaughter. The family trees above account for 2 fathers, 2 mothers, 1 GF and 1 GM. Hence, we need 1 more GF, 1 GM, 2 fathers and 2 mothers and two married couples.

The bare minimum tree that would provide this structure is as follows:

Using these three structures, we have fit all of our requirements. Thus, if GF1, GF2 and GM1 are siblings with the following family trees present, we would have the required number of people in attendance. Hence, the minimum is 12 people.

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