Direction for questions 108 and 109: Answer the questions based on the following information. In a locality, there are five small cities: A, B, C, D and E. The distances of these cities from each other are as follows. AB = 2 km AC = 2km AD > 2 km AE > 3 km BC = 2 km BD = 4 km BE = 3 km CD = 2 km CE = 3 km DE > 3 km

Question 8

If a ration shop is to be set up within 2 km of each city, how many ration shops will be required?


Consider the following scenario:

One ration shop can be set up at C, so that it covers A,C and B. Another ration shop can be set up between E and D(such that distance of the shop from either of them is not greater than 2) so that it services both E and D.

So, two ration shops are required to be set up for them to be within 2 km of each city. Option a) is the correct answer.

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