Direction for the following four questions: Answer the questions based on the following information. Mr Bankatlal acted as a judge for the beauty contest. There were four participants, viz. Ms Andhra Pradesh, Ms Uttar Pradesh, Ms West Bengal and Ms Maharashtra. Mrs Bankatlal, who was very anxious about the result, asked him about it as soon as he was back home. Mr Bankatlal just told that the one who was wearing the yellow saree won the contest. When Mrs Bankatlal pressed for further details, he elaborated as follows: All of them were sitting in a row. All of them wore sarees of different colours, viz. green, yellow, white, red. There was only one runner-up and she was sitting beside Ms. Maharashtra. The runner-up was wearing the green saree. Ms West Bengal was not sitting at the ends and was not the runner up. The winner and the runner-up are not sitting adjacent to each other. Ms Maharashtra was wearing white saree. Ms Andhra Pradesh was not wearing the green saree. Participants wearing yellow saree and white saree were at the ends.

Question 78

Which saree was worn by Ms Andhra Pradesh?


Since the people wearing yellow saree and the white saree were at the ends, Ms West Bengal was not sitting at one of the ends and was not a runner up, the arrangement is as shown below:

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