Directions for the following three questions: Answer the questions based on the pipeline diagram below.

The following sketch shows the pipelines carrying material from one location to another. Each location has a demand for material. The demand at Vaishali is 400, at Jyotishmati is 400, at Panchal is 700, and at Vidisha is 200. Each arrow indicates the direction of material flow through the pipeline. The flow from Vaishali to Jyotishmati is 300. The quantity of material flow is such that the demands at all these locations are exactly met. The capacity of each pipeline is 1,000.

Question 67

What is the free capacity available in the Avanti-Vidisha pipeline?


We know that quantity between Vaishali and jyotishmati is 300, So quantity in avanti-vaishal route should be 700. Now at jyotishmati the required quantity is 400+700 = 1100.

But through vaishali only 300 comes , so  800 should come through Vidisha-jyotishmati route.

Now demand at vidisha is 200. So total quantity required in avanti - vidisha route is 800+200=1000.

Hence, free capacity available = 1000-1000=0. Hence option D. 

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