A new airlines company is planning to start operations in a country. The company has identified ten different cities which they plan to connect through their network to start with. The flight duration between any pair of cities will be less than one hour. To start operations, the company has to decide on a daily schedule.
The underlying principle that they are working on is the following:
Any person staying in any of these 10 cities should be able to make a trip to any other city in the morning and should be able to return by the evening of the same day.

Question 59

If the underlying principle is to be satisfied in such a way that the journey between any two cities can be performed using only direct (non-stop) flights, then the minimum number of direct flights to be scheduled is:


There are ten cities. We need to find the minimum number of flights required to travel from any city to any city. Any two cities can be selected in 10C2 ways. Now for these two cities, a person will need minimum 4 flights. (1 to go from A to B, 1 to go from B to A. Similarly, 1 to return to A and 1 to return to B) Thus, minimum number of required flights = 45*4 = 180.

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