Question 58

Vimla starts for office every day at 9 am and reaches exactly on time if she drives at her usual speed of 40 km/hr. She is late by 6 minutes if she drives at 35 km/hr. One day, she covers two-thirds of her distance to office in one-thirds of her usual total time to reach office, and then stops for 8 minutes. The speed, in km/hr, at which she should drive the remaining distance to reach office exactly on time is


Let distance = d

Given, $$\frac{d}{35}-\frac{d}{40}=\frac{6}{60}$$

=> d = 28km

The actual time  taken to travel 28km = 28/40 = 7/10 hours = 42 min.

Given time taken to travel 58/3 km = 1/3 *42 = 14 min.

Then a break of 8 min.

To reach on time, he should cover remaining 28/3 km in 20 min => Speed = $$\frac{\left(\frac{28}{3}\right)}{\frac{20}{60}}=28\ $$ km/hr

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