In an 8 X 8 chess board a queen placed any where can attack another piece if the piece is present in the same row, or in the same column or in any diagonal position in any possible 4 directions, provided there is no other piece in between in the path from the queen to that piece.

The columns are labelled a to h (left to right) and the rows are numbered 1 to 8 (bottom to top). The position of a piece is given by the combination of column and row labels. For example, position c5 means that the piece is in $$c^{th}$$ column and $$5^{th}$$ row.

Question 56

If the other pieces are only at positions a1, a3, b4, d7, h7 and h8, then which of the following positions of the queen results in the maximum number of pieces being under attack?


Option (a): When queen is at f8. In this case h8 and b4 will be under attack.

Option (b): When queen is at a7. In this case a3 and d7 will be under attack.

Option (c): When queen is at c1. In this case a1 and a3 will be under attack.

Option (d): When queen is at d3. In this case a3, d7 and h3 will be under attack.

Therefore, we can say that option D is the correct answer. 

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