Read the following caselet and choose the best alternative:

Prof. Vijya, the chairperson of the Faculty Academic Committee (FAC), was trying to understand the implications of decisions taken by the Student Placement Committee (SPC) on placement issues.

It was alleged that Biswajit, a final year student, inflated his grades in his bio-data that was sent to the recruiters. The President of SPC requested the FAC to debar Biswajit from the campus recruitment process. When the matter was brought up for discussion in FAC, one of theprofessors remarked that Biswajit too should be allowed to defend himself. When Biswajit arrived for the meeting the situation became even more challenging.

Biswajit raised the issue that many other students who had misrepresented grades to get coveted jobs had gone scot-free. He alleged that these students were close to the President of SPC and therefore, no action was taken against them. He stated that somebody has deliberately manipulated his grades in the bio-data.

This allegation confused the members and it was decided to adjourn the meeting. Vijya was to decide on the next course of action.

Question 53

It was found that a large section of the students have been indulging in such practices. Unfortunately, the HR manager of a much coveted campus recruiter, who is an alumnus of the college came to know about this. Considering yourself in the position of that HR manager, what would be your reaction?


Option D is the correct answer. It is advisable to start from the scratch and shortlist candidates from the fresh set if bio-data. Since the fresh set contains the verified grades of the students so there are no chances of any discrepancy this time. Option A is incorrect as it is an extreme step and should not be taken when there is an option of screening the candidates again. Option B can be negated because the HR managers’s contact may not have the correct information. Furthermore it does not address the problem of recruitments from that college. It is unethical for an HR manager to recruit candidates even after knowing that that the information presented in their bio-data’s is not authentic. This will show his disloyalty towards the organization. Option E is incorrect as it reduces the pool of students to be recruited from.

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