Question 50

The last time Rahul bought Diwali cards, he found that the four types of cards that he liked were priced Rs.2.00, Rs.3.50, Rs.4.50 and Rs.5.00 each. As Rahul wanted 30 cards, he took five each of two kinds and ten each of the other two, putting down the exact number of 10 rupees notes on the counter payment. How many notes did Rahul give?


According to question Rahul put exact number of 10 rs. notes, hence total price will be a multiple of 10.
And Rahul wants 30 cards, where he took 5 each of two kind and 10 each of other two kind.
So summation of (price of one type card multiplied by number of that type of card) should be a multiple of 10.
By looking at the prices of cards and to make the sum a multiple of 10, we can say that two 5 cards were of rs. 3.5 and 4.5
and two 10 cards were of prices 2 rs.and 5 rs each respectively.
Hence total sum will be 5 $$\times$$ (3.5+4.5) + 10 $$\times$$ (2+5) = 110
So rahul gave 11 notes of 10 rs.

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