Read the following case - let and answer the questions that follow

Intercontinental Business Manufacturing (IBM) was doing a roaring business. Demand of the products was high and supply of raw - material was abundant. IBM was manufacturing three different products. Some customers bought two types of products and some bought only one. The three products were “quickie - quick”, “run - of - the - mill”, and “maxi - max”. Customers were not complaining loudly. Ram, the product manager, was confused! Demand for “quickie - quick “was increasing .Raw material suppliers wanted to supply lower quality at cheaper price. It was profitable for the company to increase production .Quality department was not happy with the product. Ram met Rahim, the CEO, who, as always, wanted higher profits. He said that IBM will set up a committee for improving the quality.

Question 49

Some of the managers in production department were discussing the problems faced in shipping
products in time. They complained that they had to undertake responsibility of creating financial and marketing plans in addition to responsibility of production planning. At the same time, finance
and marketing managers were to be involved in preparing production plans. It was expected that
this will reduce customer complaints. It was rumored that these changes were initiated by the managers educated in the U.S.
Which of the following is the best possible course of action available to the affected managers?


In the given context, we can infer that no rights violated in any manner. Therefore, options A, B and D are incorrect. Going to US for further education is irrelevant in the given context. Creating a forum for discussion may resolve the issues. The answer is option C.

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