Read the following case-let and choose the best alternative for the questions that follow.

Ajay was thinking deeply about a problem that his organization, a business consulting company, faced. Globalization had affected his company like many other companies. Despite the downturn, the current revenues remained healthy. However, Ajay knew it was inevitable that the company could not do business the same way. The complexity of managing the business had increased with time. Consultants were under pressure to deliver good and innovative solutions. The organization had consultants from different age groups having a good mix of domain and industry expertise. It was a flat organization with three levels. The biggest challenge for Ajay was to have consultants with latest knowledge who would also earn revenues. Getting additional business was a challenge as all the consultants were busy and it was very difficult to hire new consultants.

Question 46

Ajay was to retire in five years and he wanted to leave behind a legacy. Order the following
activities, from the most important to the least important, that Ajay should undertake in next five year:
1.Do nothing.
2.Set a future direction for the organization in these challenging times.
3.Benchmark performance with respect to the best consulting company in industry.
4.Empower senior consultants and at the same time seek opinion of all others for handling future challenges.
5.Infuse fresh thinking by hiring outsiders.
Choose the best option from the following sequences


Doing nothing will not progress the organization. Therefore, (1) is ruled out. It is important to set a direction for the organization in this challenging time. Therefore, (2) is the most important step followed by (3) and (4). In view of necessity of ideas, it is important to hire new consultants. Hence, the order is 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The answer is option B.

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