An old woman had the following assets:
(a) Rs. 70 lakh in bank deposits
(b) 1 house worth Rs. 50 lakh
(c) 3 flats, each worth Rs. 30 lakh
(d) Certain number of gold coins, each worth Rs. 1 lakh
She wanted to distribute her assets among her three children; Neeta, Seeta and Geeta.
The house, any of the flats or any of the coins were not to be split. That is, the house went entirely to one child; a flat went to one child and similarly, a gold coin went to one child.

Question 45

The value of the assets distributed among Neeta, Seeta and Geeta was in the ratio of 1:2:3, while the gold coins were distributed among them in the ratio of 2:3:4. One child got all three flats and she did not get the house. One child, other than Geeta, got Rs. 30 lakh in bank deposits.
How many gold coins did the old woman have?


Let the total number of gold coins with the old woman be '9n'.
Total value of the assets with the old woman = 50 + 3*30 + 70 + 9n = 210+9n.
We know that the assets have been distributed in the ratio 1:2:3.
Therefore, Neeta must have received 35+1.5n (by value), Seeta must have received 70+3n and Geeta must have received 105+4.5n. 
Further, it has been given that the gold coins distributed were in the ratio 2:3:4. 
Therefore, the number of gold coins with Neeta must be '2n', Seeta must be '3n' and Geeta must be '4n'. 
Seeta has '3n' gold coins. Therefore, the total value of the assets with her must be 70. Seeta could not have inherited all the flats. Therefore, Seeta must have received the house ( worth 50 lakh) and 20 lakh from bank deposits. 

We know that Geeta did not receive Rs. 30 lakh from the bank deposits. Therefore, Neeta must have received Rs. 30 lakh. 
The remaining 5 lakh must be contributed by the gold coins (Since there is no other asset worth 5 lakh).
=> 5 + 1.5n = 2n
=> 0.5n = 5
=> n = 10
The old-woman must have had 10*9 = 90 gold coins. Therefore, option B is the right answer. 

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