Read the following scenario and answer the TWO questions that follow.

The CEO of the Jamshedpur Tea Factory (JTF) was in a quandary over employees skipping work. It was becoming increasingly difficult for him to identify employees who faked illness to skip work. The work of the employees was complex and intricate, and they had to report to eight supervisors. “Faking illness” made it difficult for JTF to judiciously decide on “Promotion” and “Training” of employees. An employee could only be promoted on the completion of a multi-skilling training program. Further, to be nominated for the training program, an employee must be recommended by a minimum of six supervisors. JTF wanted to promote only sincere and deserving employees.

Question 42

Which of the following policies will be MOST prone to error while selecting deserving and sincere employees?


Option B is the most prone to error because it allows supervisors to decide on leave. This introduces the risk of favoritism, biases, or inconsistencies in granting leave, potentially affecting employees' chances of promotion. Supervisors may be influenced by personal relationships or subjective judgments, leading to a less fair and objective evaluation process.

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