The pages of a book are numbered 0, 1, 2 . upto M, M>0. There are four categories of instructions that direct a person in positioning the book at a page. The instruction types and their meanings are :

1. OPEN : Position the book at page No. 1

2. CLOSE : Position the book at page No. 0

3. FORWARD, n :From the current page move forward by n pages; if, in this process, page number M is reached, stop at M.

4. BACKWARD, n : From the current page, move backward by n pages; if in this process, page number 0 is reached, stop at page number 0.

In each of the following questions, you will find a sequence of instructions formed from the above categories. In each case, let $$n_1$$ be the page number before the instructions are executed and $$n_2$$ be the page number at which the book is positioned after the instructions are executed.

Question 42

BACKWARD, 5; FORWARD, 5. Which of the following statements is true about the above set of instructions?


In option A, $$n_1$$ >=5 which is before instruction value so after going 5 backward and 5 forward value of $$n_2$$ will remain equal to $$n_1$$

So our answer will be A as other options have insufficient information

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