Read the following caselet and answer the questions that follow:

Mrs. Bhalla is the principal of ‘Happy Public School’. While it is a private school, the trust is socially sensitive and as part of their “Spread Happiness Policy” provides quality education to many needy students from low income neighborhood for free. She received a strange complaint from some of the affluent parents regarding their discomfort with allowing poor children to study along with their kids. They were concerned more about their manners, habits and language than about schooling. They wanted the trust to either start a separate shift for such children or remove them from the school since they are supporting them. On the other hand, the parents of the poor children complained of bullying and teasing and shared their concern regarding the mental trauma their children undergo. While Mrs. Bhalla, by no means wants to yield to the demands of the affluent parents, she also cannot ignore them since some of them have been making substantial donations to the school.

Question 41

Which of the following options will empower students the most?


Options A and D focus on poor and rich kids only. They can be easily eliminated. Option E makes no sense. Between options B and C, the latter states how empowerment can be achieved. Option B is too general in nature. Eliminate option B.

Hence, the correct answer is option C.

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