DIRECTIONS for the following questions: These questions are based on the situation given below: There are fifty integers $$a_1, a_2,...,a_{50}$$, not all of them necessarily different. Let the greatest integer of these fifty integers be referred to as $$G$$, and the smallest integer be referred to as $$L$$. The integers $$a_1$$ through $$a_{24}$$ form sequence $$S1$$, and the rest form sequence $$S2$$. Each member of $$S1$$ is less than or equal to each member of $$S2$$.

Question 41

Elements of $$S1$$ are in ascending order, and those of $$S2$$ are in descending order. $$a_{24}$$ and $$a_{25}$$ are interchanged. Then, which of the following statements is true?


We know that $$a_{24}$$ is less than $$a_{25}$$.

So, even if $$a_{25}$$ replaces $$a_{24}$$, the ascending order still exists in S1.

But, $$a_{25}$$ is less than $$a_{26}$$. Hence, the descending order does not exist in S2 anymore.

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