The game of Chango is a game where two people play against each other; one of them wins and the other loses, i.e., there are no drawn Chango games. 12 players participated in a Chango championship. They were divided into four groups: Group A consisted of Aruna, Azul, and Arif; Group B consisted of Brinda, Brij, and Biju; Group C consisted of Chitra, Chetan, and Chhavi; and Group D consisted of Dipen, Donna, and Deb.

Players within each group had a distinct rank going into the championship. The players have NOT been listed necessarily according to their ranks. In the group stage of the game, the second and third ranked players play against each other, and the winner of that game plays against the first ranked player of the group. The winner of this second game is considered as the winner of the group and enters a semi-final.

The winners from Groups A and B play against each other in one semi-final, while the winners from Groups C and D play against each other in the other semi-final. The winners of the two semi-finals play against each other in the final to decide the winner of the championship.

It is known that:
1. Chitra did not win the championship.
2. Aruna did not play against Arif. Brij did not play against Brinda.
3. Aruna, Biju, Chitra, and Dipen played three games each, Azul and Chetan played two games each, and the remaining players played one game each.

Question 36

Which of the following pairs must have played against each other in the championship?


Group A :

Since Aruna played 3 games if she belongs to rank 2 or rank 3 in her group she must have reached the semifinals and lost in the semifinals. But for this case, she must play against rank 1 and rank 3 in her group. But she did not play against Arif from her group.

Hence Aruna was ranked 1 in her group, Among Azul and Arif one of them was ranked 2 and the other was ranked 3. Azul defeated Arif in the first round and in the second round lost to Aruna. Aruna played her first round with Azul and won the round and played against the winner from group B and defeated them and moved to the finals.

Group B :

Brij did not play against Brinda. Biju played three games, Brij and Brinda played one game each.

Since Brij and Brinda played only one game each one of them was ranked 1 and the other was ranked 2 and 3. Brij did not play against Brinda. We are aware that Aruna reached finals and hence the person from Group B did not reach the finals. Biju played three games and hence must have played with Brij/Brinda in the first round and won the round. Plays with Brij/ Brinda and wins the second round. Plays with Aruna and loses the third round.


Group - C :

Chitra played 2 matches and Chetan played 2 matches. For Chitra to play 2 matches if she is rank 2 or rank 3 in her group. She must at least reach the semifinals. But in this case, Chetan will be defeated in his first round. So Chitra must be ranked 1 in her group and Chetan must be ranked 2 or rank 3 in his group. He defeats Chhavi in his first round and loses to Chitra in his second round. Chitra plays Chetan in her first round, wins over the winner of group D in her second round, and loses in the final against Aruna as per condition 1.

Group -D :

The person from Group D did not reach the finals because Chitra reached the finals. In order for Dipen to play 3 matches before his finals. Dipen must be ranked 2 or rank 3 in his group and plays Deb and Donna in the first two rounds in any order and wins over both of them. Dipen loses to Chitra in his third round.


Aruna plays Chitra in the finals and wins the final round.

Chitra and Dipen played in the semifinals

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