Answer the following questions based on the information given below:

In a sports event, six teams (A, B, C, D, E and F) are competing against each other Matches are scheduled in two stages. Each team plays three matches in Stage – I and two matches in Stage – II. No team plays against the same team more than once in the event. No ties are permitted in any of the matches. The observations after the completion of Stage – I and Stage – II are as given below.


• One team won all the three matches.

• Two teams lost all the matches.

• D lost to A but won against C and F.

• E lost to B but won against C and F.

• B lost at least one match.

• F did not play against the top team of Stage-I.


• The leader of Stage-I lost the next two matches

• Of the two teams at the bottom after Stage-I, one team won both matches, while the other lost both matches.

• One more team lost both matches in Stage-II.

Question 36

The only team(s) that won both matches in Stage-II is (are):


There are a total of $$^6 C_2$$ matches => 15 matches. The first 9 matches are held in the first stage and remaining 6 in the second stage.

From the information given, we can conclude that the following matches were held in first stage:

Stage 1: D-A (A won), D-C (D won), D-F (D won), E-B (B won), E-C (E won), E-F (E won)

One team won all matches. As B, C, D E and F have lost at least one match each, A won all three matches. As A, B, D, E have won at least one match, C and F lost both matches.

From the matches already deduced, we can see that A needs to play 2 more matches, B two more matches and C and F one match each. As C and F lose all matches in stage 1, they cannot play against each other. F did not play against the leader i.e. A. Hence, the remaining matches are A-B (A won), A-C (A won), B-F (B won).

Thus, the stage 1 matches are

Stage 1: D-A (A won), D-C (D won), D-F (D won), E-B (B won), E-C (E won), E-F (E won), A-B (A won), A-C (A won), B-F (B won)

Thus Stage 2 matches are D-B, D-E, E-A, F-A, B-C and C-F (all matches - stage 1 matches)

As A lost both matches, F and E must have won the match vs A. As F won against A, F won both its matches and C lost both its matches. One more team lost both its matches. As B, E and F have won at least one match and A and C have been discussed previously, D must have lost both matches. Hence, stage 2 results are:

Stage 2: D-B (B won), D-E (E won), E-A (E won), F-A (F won), B-C (B won) and C-F (F won)

Hence, the teams that won both of their stage 2 matches are B, E and F.

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