Analyse the following caselet and answer the question that follow:

Chatterjee, the MLA of Trikathapur, owes his election success to his close friend and businessman Ghosh. The victory had appeared unlikely for Chatterjee after the arrival of Bhowmick, a budding politician with hordes of money. However, his clean image along with Ghosh’s money ensured Chatterjee’s resounding victory.

Question 35

Inspired by Bhowmick’s manifesto, Chatterjee is contemplating a green policy which can adversely affect Ghosh’s business interest.

Which of the following actions from Ghosh is likely to convince Chatterjee NOT to pursue this policy?


Options C and E are extreme. Option D would imply that Chatterjee has to forego his plan regarding implementation of the green policy because of his friend which is not ethical. Option A implies that Chatterjee would have to delay the implementation in favour of his friend which is unethical. Option B will appeal the most to him as it will affect his future interests. 
Hence, option B is the correct answer.

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