XAT 2013 Question 34


Read the following caselet and choose the best alternative:

It was the end of performance review cycle for the year 2012 when you asked your subordinates about any problems they were facing. Natrajan told you that an important member of his team, Vardarajan, who had also won the best performance award for the year 2011, was not taking interest in work. Despite Natrajan's counseling, no change was noticed in Vardarajan, rather his attitude deteriorated. You had also received such information from other employees. You had not interfered hoping that Natrajan, an experienced hand, would be able to solve the problem. But now that Natrajan himself brought this to your notice, you decided to call Vardarajan and counsel him.

Question 34

Which of the following could be the most unlikely reason for Vardarajan's declining involvement in the workplace?


Appreciation by boss can never be demotivating for an employee. It will rather boost the morale of an employee and motivate him to work to hard. Hence, Vardarajan’s declining involvement cannot be attributed to the fact that his bosses appreciated him. Thus, option E is the most unlikely reason for his declining involvement in work. Options A, B, C and D, if true, could be considered as likely reasons for Vardarajan’s disinterest in work and hence are incorrect.

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