DIRECTIONS for the following three questions: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Rang Barsey Paint Company (RBPC) is in the business of manufacturing paints. RBPC buys RED, YELLOW, WHITE, ORANGE, and PINK paints. ORANGE paint can be also produced by mixing RED and YELLOW paints in equal proportions. Similarly, PINK paint can also be produced by mixing equal amounts of RED and WHITE paints. Among other paints, RBPC sells CREAM paint, (formed by mixing WHITE and YELLOW in the ratio 70:30) AVOCADO paint (formed by mixing equal amounts of ORANGE and PINK paint) and WASHEDORANGE paint (formed by mixing equal amounts of ORANGE and WHITE paint). The following table provides the price at which RBPC buys paints.

Question 33

The cheapest way to manufacture AVOCADO paint would cost


AVOCADO paint can be manufactured by adding orange and pink in equal quantity. 0.5 ltr of orange would cost 11 and the cheapest way to make pink would be by mixing white and red , so the cost for 0.5 ltr of pink comes out to be 8.75 . SO total cost becomes 11+8.75 = 19.75 Rs. which is the cheapest.

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