The following questions relate to a game to be played by you and your friend. The game consists of a 4 x 4 board (see below) where each cell contains a positive integer. You and your friend make moves alternately. A move by any of the players consists of splitting the current board configuration into two equal halves and retaining one of them. In your moves you are allowed to split the board only vertically and to decide to retain either the left or the right half. Your friend, in his/her moves, can split the board only horizontally and can retain either the lower or the upper half. After two moves by each player a single cell will remain which can no longer be split and the number in that cell will be treated as the gain (in rupees) of the person who has started the game. A sample game is shown below. So your gain is Re.1. With the same initial board configuration as above and assuming that you have to make the first move, answer the following questions.
  Initial Board                          


After your move (retain left)


After your friends move (retain upper)

After your move (retain right)

After your friends move (retain lower)


Question 33

If both of you select your moves intelligently then at the end of the game your gain will be


After second move i will be having from a quarter cell of board to make a move.

Since left quarters have cells with values 1, Hence i will choose to retain right in my first move so that second person can force my profit to be either 2 or 3 not 1.

So now after my first move of retaining right, we have two quarters

Now intelligently he will make a move to retain with lower half so that at fourth move i can retain with choices of 2 and 3 not 2 and 4.

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