DIRECTIONS for the following two questions: These questions are based on the situation given below: A, B, C, D, E and F are a group of friends from a club. There are two housewives, one lecturer, one architect, one accountant and one lawyer in the group. There are two married couples in the group. The lawyer is married to D who is a housewife. No lady in the group is either an architect or an accountant. C, the accountant, is married to F who is a lecturer. A is married to D and E is not a housewife.

Question 29

How many members of the group are male?


D - Housewife (Married to Lawyer)

D is married to A => A is Lawyer

C - Accountant is married to F - Lecturer

E is not housewife => E is Architect

=> B is housewife

Females - D, B, F

Males - C, A, E

=> 3 males are present.

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