Answer the following questions on the basis of information given in the following situation.

Satyender heads a branch of a Micro-Finance company. The company provides small-size loans catering to rural households. As the head of the branch, he supervises three collection officers - Palani, Sayed, and Godwin. Palani was recently transferred by the company from another branch.

Question 27

Sayed feared Palani's transfer may pull down the performance of the branch, as he felt Palani was transferred due to his poor performance in the previous branch.

Which of the following information will most likely assuage Sayed's fear?


We cannot predict the future performance using the past records. Therefore, any option that stresses on the track record to allay the fear can be eliminated. 

Options A, B, C, and D use the past performance as a tool to assert that the person will perform well. Therefore, we can eliminate these options. Only option E states that Sayed has an option to exclude the new joinee's performance. Even if Palani fails to perform, Sayed will not have to bear the brunt for the same. Therefore, option E will encourage Sayed to provide Palani with a chance and hence, option E is the right answer. 

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