Directions for the following four questions:

A health-drink company’s R&D department is trying to make various diet formulations, which can be used for certain specific purposes. It is considering a choice of 5 alternative ingredients (O, P, Q, R, and S), which can be used in different proportions in the formulations.

The table below gives the composition of these ingredients. The cost per unit of each of these ingredients is O: 150, P: 50, Q: 200, R: 500, S: 100.

Question 26

For a recuperating patient, the doctor recommended a diet containing 10% minerals and at least 30% protein. In how many different ways can we prepare this diet by mixing at least two ingredients?


We want a diet with 10% minerals and at least 30% protien. The mixture of O and Q is suitable because both contain 10% minerals.In required proportion we can get 10% minerals and at least 30% proteins.
Solution P and R contains minerals which are less than 10% and maximum mineral %age in any component is 10. So if we include P or R in any mixture,we can't get 10% mineral %age.

So only 1 solution of O and Q is possible.

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