Top CAT Quant Linear Equations Questions [Download PDF]

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Take a look at the top 20 CAT Quant Linear Equations questions. Linear equations, which are fundamental in math, are frequently tested in the CAT to assess your grasp of algebraic concepts and your ability to solve real-world problems efficiently. You can download these questions in a PDF format that provides detailed solutions and explanations. This offers valuable practice and insights into the types of questions you may face on exam day. Whether you're a CAT aspirant preparing for the exam or looking to improve your mathematical skills, these questions will help you enhance your problem-solving abilities and boost your performance in the Quant section.

Question 1

Dick is thrice as old as Tom and Harry is twice as old as Dick. If Dick's age is 1 year less than the average age of all three, then Harry's age, in years, is

Question 2

In 2010, a library contained a total of 11500 books in two categories - fiction and nonfiction. In 2015, the library contained a total of 12760 books in these two categories. During this period, there was 10% increase in the fiction category while there was 12% increase in the non-fiction category. How many fiction books were in the library in 2015?

Question 3

A gentleman decided to treat a few children in the following manner. He gives half of his total stock of toffees and one extra to the first child, and then the half of the remaining stock along with one extra to the second and continues giving away in this fashion. His total stock exhausts after he takes care of 5 children. How many toffees were there in his stock initially?

Question 4

How many different pairs(a,b) of positive integers are there such that $$a\geq b$$ and $$\frac{1}{a}+\frac{1}{b}=\frac{1}{9}$$?

Question 5

Out of two-thirds of the total number of basketball matches, a team has won 17 matches and lost 3 of them. What is the maximum number of matches that the team can lose and still win more than three- fourths of the total number of matches, if it is true that no match can end in a tie?

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Question 6

I bought 5 pens, 7 pencils and 4 erasers. Rajan bought 6 pens, 8 erasers and 14 pencils for an amount which was half more what I had paid. What per cent of the total amount paid by me was paid for the pens?

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Question 7

Let a, b, x, y be real numbers such that $$a^2 + b^2 = 25, x^2 + y^2 = 169$$, and $$ax + by = 65$$. If $$k = ay - bx$$, then

Question 8

A chocolate dealer has to send chocolates of three brands to a shopkeeper. All the brands are packed in boxes of same size. The number of boxes to be sent is 96 of brand A, 240 of brand B and 336 of brand C. These boxes are to be packed in cartons of same size containing equal number of boxes. Each carton should contain boxes of same brand of chocolates. What could be the minimum number of cartons that the dealer has to send?

Question 9

A piece of string is 40 cm long. It is cut into three pieces. The longest piece is three times as long as the middle-sized and the shortest piece is 23 cm shorter than the longest piece. Find the length of the shortest piece.

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Question 10

Let k be a constant. The equations $$kx + y = 3$$ and $$4x + ky = 4$$ have a unique solution if and only if

Question 11

Three travellers are sitting around a fire, and are about to eat a meal. One of them has 5 small loaves of bread, the second has 3 small loaves of bread. The third has no food, but has 8 coins. He offers to pay for some bread. They agree to share the 8 loaves equally among the three travellers, and the third traveller will pay 8 coins for his share of the 8 loaves. All loaves were the same size. The second traveller (who had 3 loaves) suggests that he will be paid 3 coins, and that the first traveller be paid 5 coins. The first traveller says that he should get more than 5 coins. How much should the first traveller get?

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Question 12

Consider the following steps :
1. Put x = 1, y = 2
2. Replace x by xy
3. Replace y by y +1
4. If y = 5 then go to step 6 otherwise go to step 5.
5. Go to step 2
6. Stop Then the final value of x equals

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Question 13

A car rental agency has the following terms. If a car is rented for 5 hr or less, then, the charge is Rs. 60 per hour or Rs. 12 per kilometre whichever is more. On the other hand, if the car is rented for more than 5 hr, the charge is Rs. 50 per hour or Rs. 7.50 per kilometre whichever is more. Akil rented a car from this agency, drove it for 30 km and ended up playing Rs. 300. For how many hours did he rent the car?

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Question 14

The chance of India winning a cricket match against Australia is 1/6. What is the minimum number of matches India should play against Australia so that there is a fair chance of winning atleast one match?

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Question 15

The sum of the possible values of X in the equation |X + 7| + |X - 8| = 16 is:

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Question 16

The number of solutions $$(x, y, z)$$ to the equation $$x - y - z = 25$$, where x, y, and z are positive integers such that $$x\leq40,y\leq12$$, and $$z\leq12$$ is

Question 17

Let A, B and C be three positive integers such that the sum of A and the mean of B and C is 5. In addition, the sum of B and the mean of A and C is 7. Then the sum of A and B is

Question 18

Iqbal dealt some cards to Mushtaq and himself from a full pack of playing cards and laid the rest aside. Iqbal then said to Mushtaq. "If you give me a certain number of your cards, I will have four times as many cards as you will have. If I give you the same number of cards, I will have thrice as many cards as you will have". Of the given choices, which could represent the number of cards with Iqbal?

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Question 19

If $$5^x - 3^y = 13438$$ and $$5^{x - 1} + 3^{y + 1} = 9686$$, then x + y equals

Question 20

A shop sells bags in three sizes: small, medium and large. A large bag costs Rs.1000, a medium bag costs Rs.200, and a small bag costs Rs.50. Three buyers, Ashish, Banti and Chintu, independently buy some numbers of these types of bags. The respective amounts spent by Ashish, Banti and Chintu are equal. Put together, the shop sells 1 large bag, 15 small bags and some medium bags to these three buyers. What is the minimum number of medium bags that the shop sells to them?

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