Question 16

Iqbal dealt some cards to Mushtaq and himself from a full pack of playing cards and laid the rest aside. Iqbal then said to Mushtaq. "If you give me a certain number of your cards, I will have four times as many cards as you will have. If I give you the same number of cards, I will have thrice as many cards as you will have". Of the given choices, which could represent the number of cards with Iqbal?


Let's say Iqbal has x cards initially and Mushtaq has y number of cards initially.

So first Mushtaq gave t cards to Iqbal, hence (x+t) = 4(y-t)

Now second time, Iqbal gave t cards to Mushtaq, hence x-t = 3(y+t)

Solving above two equations we will get x=31t and y=9t

And we know x+y<52 hence 40t<52 

because t should be a whole number it will be 1 here and x=31 and y=9


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